Why you should have your rental professionally cleaned

As a private landlord, it can be confusing how clean your rental needs to be left at the end of tenancy as many people have different definitions of “reasonably clean.” In March 2021,  the Victorian Government set some new guidelines around the roles and responsibilities of the rental provider and the renter which include cleanliness.

These definitions and restrictions are particularly beneficial for new landlords or landlords with current vacant properties as it is recommended that landlords should endeavour to have their property professionally cleaned prior to tenants moving in. By doing so, you can then enforce that your renters have the property professionally cleaned when the lease finishes and they move out.

For renters, it may seem like an extra cost and extra hassle at the end of the day but it is actually beneficial for both parties.

Why is end of lease professional cleaning beneficial?

1. Renters must leave the property exactly how they found it

In the rental agreement laws, renters have a lot of freedom, they can make minor changes to the property so that it feels like their home. However, upon leaving, the property must be left in the same condition it was found. By having it professionally cleaned prior to new renters moving in it becomes a condition on the Property Conditions Report which both parties sign at the start of the lease. This transparency allows the renters to understand their requirements prior to moving in and gives peace of mind to rental providers as they don’t need to have that discussion at the end of the lease about what condition the house should be left in.

2. Renters have a guarantee on the bond

For renters, professionally cleaning a property at the end of the lease is a guarantee on their bond as they can ensure it meets the “reasonably clean” standards. Additionally, renters are able to pass along their receipts of having it professionally cleaned to the property manager or residential rental provider to make the end of lease processes easier. At PropertyOwners, we can provide our clients with recommendations of local professional cleaning services who do an outstanding job and will leave the property in some of the best conditions.

3. Property Managers can specify steam cleaning and flea fumigation

If you have your property professionally cleaned prior to having renters live in the property, property managers like ourselves are able to specify what needs to be included in the end of lease agreement so that it is left in the same condition. Some of the things that property managers can specify in the property agreement include:

  • Steam cleaning
  • Flea fumigation, particularly if they have had pets on the property.
  • Stain removal
  • Professional cleaning for the removal of lingering odours such as cigarette smoke.

4. Cleaners will come back if it doesn’t fill the requirement 

Most professional cleaners and cleaning companies have a bond guarantee so if a property manager or private landlord doesn’t agree it is up to the standard they will come back and fix up any areas missed. It ensures that renters get their bond back but it also ensures that residential rental providers are left with a property that is in the same condition (bar a bit of acceptable wear and tear).

5. Everyone loves a clean house

Even if you are a clean freak as a residential rental provider, having a professional clean your house prior to move-in day means that they get to enjoy the feeling of a nice and clean house. As a self-managed rental provider or a hands-off rental provider, you can have peace of mind that your property is clean during handover and meets all Victorian standards.

At PropertyOwners we set a high standard for ourselves, our landlords and our renters, so if you have an investment property you are considering renting out in the Geelong, Bellarine or Surf Coast area, get in touch with us for exceptional property management services.

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