What is a property manager and why should I consider using one?

The benefits to having professional management in an age of increasing compliance.

A property manager is essentially the colourist to your box dye, the barista to your instant coffee, they are the experts in their field and their responsibility is to be at the peak of their game, so that you don’t have to be.

Property Managers have always been professional middle-men, acting as the accounts and accountability team on your behalf. Making sure that everything is paid and documented as it should be and that all tenants are up-keeping and respecting your home. However, in 2021 with safety compliance and record keeping legislation at its most thorough; there are many more i’s to dot and t’s to cross, to ensure that you are keeping up with legislative requirements and maintaining standards that will stand up in VCAT.

Below are some key benefits that your property manager should be providing:

Ensuring compliance.

Making sure that you maintain compliance regarding the updated safety regulations. We will coordinate all trades and maintain all required documentation to ensure that you are compliant and that your insurance is therefore unaffected.

High level of documentation.

Ensuring that everything is executed and documented in accordance with industry regulations and up to standards that will hold up in VCAT; should an issue ever arise that needs to go down that course of action.

Holding your tenant accountable.

Regarding rental payments, maintaining the property and meeting all tenant expectations.

Trusted tradespeople.

Property managers have a network of reliable trades who will complete any works at a fair price and within a quick timeline

Vetting tenants.

Being that we do this every day we are incredibly good at vetting and picking up any inconsistencies within an applicant’s application. Over time you learn to pick up red flags, inconsistencies and recognising which referees are a reliable source or not. Your property manager will also use the industry TICA database to ensure that the applicants have not been flagged by a prior agent. 

We take the headache out of the investment for you.

By ensuring that we place a great tenant in your house with a solid rental history, we hope to avoid any headaches. But should any issues, disputes or arrears arise, we will sort the matter out for you. All you need to know is that your investment will be taken care of, without any of the time or effort required on your end.


Here at PropertyOwners we have flexible management packages. Ensuring that you only include and pay for services that you 100% need and save money in areas that you’d prefer to take care of yourself. Our packages can be adjusted and tweaked according to your needs at any given time and start at just $50/month.

If you are considering enlisting a Property Manager for your investment property, get in touch today and we can see which one of our packages might work best for you.

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