Tips to get approved for that rental property you love.

My oh my, it is a competitive time in the rental market at the moment.

There are far more people searching for their new home in our region, than there are houses to go around.

So, we thought we’d put together some top tips to get your application seen and placed at the top of the pile.

Cover Letter

Tell us who you are! Are you a Cats fan? Do you surf? Why do you want to move into this property and what would make you a great tenant? The more that you help to paint a picture of yourself for us, the better we can pitch you to the landlord.

Pet resume

If you have a fur baby this is a must! A pet seems like much less of a gamble to a landlord when they can see a summary of the pet right in front of them. We have found this to really put a landlord’s mind at ease, in terms of welcoming a pet into their investment property. 

Be sure to include: an adorable picture of your pet, basic details, whether they’re an inside or outside pet, whether they’re microchipped, desexed, are they well- trained? Basically, just showcase why your pet will be a great tenant too. 

Supporting Docs

Include everything that we may need upfront. This may get your application in front of the landlord more quickly and you might be approved over the person who we are still chasing up documents from. Be sure to include your current Photo ID (licence or passport) and proof of income (x3 most recent payslips, Centrelink income statement, or tax return information for self- employed individuals).

REA App notifications

In a time of such high demand you need to make sure that you’re amongst that first batch of received applications. Download the app and set up notifications for properties that match your preferences. This way you can apply the moment they hit the market.


This is a common mistake. Tell your referees to expect our call/email. If they won’t answer our calls or get back to us, then we can’t present your application to the landlord and so you won’t be approved.

“Tell your referees to expect our call!”

Bonus material:

If you are a student or first-time renter, it would be a great idea to provide a guarantor. This can be a written letter from your parent/s or someone who is willing to be your financial back-up, should you ever struggle to pay rent. This can make the landlord feel more secure, seeing as you don’t have a rental history for us to refer to.

If you have savings, we recommend including a bank statement. This helps to paint a picture that you are financially responsible, and that paying rent will not be an issue.

 If you’re looking for a rental, head here to see what properties we currently have available for rent.

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