How to style your furnished rental to attract good tenants

There is hardly a shortage of keen tenants in the current rental climate but, as a landlord, you know very well that some tenants are preferable to others – especially when you are offering a fully furnished property that requires a higher level of care and attention. So you can attract the right kind of tenants, here are a few tried and tested styling tips to get desirable applications in the door.

Modern Makeover

Keeping your styling modern and neutral will appeal to the highest majority of tasteful tenants. Popular paint shades such as light grey, off-white or eggshell are universally appealing and easily maintained. Darker hued carpets show up less wear and tear from traffic, but if your budget doesn’t cover carpet replacement, invest in some large rugs with minimalist, contemporary patterns. Bathroom fixtures and handles can be a quick giveaway when it comes to a property’s age, but these can be easily and inexpensively replaced for a quick update.

Set the Scene

Be sure to add a few welcoming flourishes that give the impression of a livable space. Set the table with a runner and vase of flowers. Soften the bareness of walls by popping up a couple of landscape pictures on removable hooks. Given artificial plants look increasingly more realistic, infuse a bit of low maintenance greenery with a pot plant here and there. To convey homeliness, think soft furnishings. A few artfully placed couch cushions and new linens on the bed will generate lifestyle appeal.

Work the Room

Working from home is the new normal, so try to demonstrate that there is a designated area for the home office. Even if your rental is small, a little desk in the corner of the lounge room or a dining room nook styled with a lamp and a penholder will do the job nicely. Make sure your agent knows whether or not the property is connected to the NBN or if the client may require mobile broadband as this is a commonly asked question.

Freshen Up

Large electrical appliances with doors such as fridges, washing machines and dishwashers can harbour unwanted odours if left closed for long periods. Before inspections, make sure the insides of these appliances have been cleaned or washed with antibacterial products to keep them – and your rental – smelling as clean as possible. Finally, on a viewing day, head around a few hours early to open up the windows. Rentals that have been closed up for days at a time can smell stuffy. Some agents try and cover lingering odours by lighting candles or spraying an air freshener, but artificial scents could turn off potential tenants and indicate you are attempting to cover up a problem odour.

For Property Management with style

PropertyOwners pay attention to every detail when it comes to ensuring your property attracts the tenant you’re searching for. If you’d like help styling your property or need ongoing property management services, please get in touch with our friendly team by contacting us online or calling (03) 5223 1657.

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