Client feedback!

“Ji, I have to say that moving from standard real estate property management across to you at Property Owners has proven to be an excellent decision. Transferring 12 tenants at once: paying attention to detail, same day follow up on any issues of bond etc, and taking the time to get to know all tenants, are three of the reasons we are pleased with your services. The savings in administration are significant and also proof that an innovative approach to any service can bear great results.”

Anthony- Landlord Ocean Grove

“I just wanted to send you a quick email to say thank you for the past 9 months. You have been fantastic since the moment you assisted getting us through for an inspection with 30 minutes notices.
I think the agency you have created is spectacular and the service offer is one of the best I have ever seen in the industry as a peer and a renter.
I am so blessed we had you as a property manager, even for this short period of time 😊
We wish you all the best and hope to run into you again one day. Thanking you.”

Gemmah, Dave and Daisy- Tenant Newtown

“We switched to Property Owners recently to re-let our two Torquay properties. We found Ji Thornhill had a good knowledge of the local area which he was able to call on the successfully sign up new Tenants within a few weeks. Ji is motivated to get results – along with a friendly approachable manner and good communication skills it has been a pleasure working with him.”

Denis- Landlord of multiple Torquay properties

“This is the first time we have rented as we own our own home in Melbourne … In all my years, I have never met a man more professional and committed to both landlord and tenant as Ji … We will be looking to rent for some time but I’m also looking to purchase some investment properties in and around Geelong and will have no hesitation making your agency the property managers.”

Chris – Tenant Geelong

“I would especially like to highlight Ji Thornhill – his service has been nothing short of exceptional since coming on board. Ji’s rational, measured approach and ability to interpret tenant requests with an open mind is very much appreciated. He is also very quick to respond to queries.”

Paul – Landlord Geelong

“I highly recommend Ji and the team at Property Owners for their professionalism in handling my rentals.
Ji is a highly experienced Property Manager and delivers service above and beyond what is expected of him. I can sleep at night knowing he is on the job. I have recommended Ji to a lot of people.”

Liz- Landlord South Geelong

“Ji has been amazing. His customer service is second to none and I have never had such wonderful service as his, and his response rate to issues is wonderful … I have other friends who also have him managing their properties and are extremely impressed with this young man.”

Cherie – Landlord of multiple Armstrong Creek properties

“We would highly recommend Ji and the team at Property Owners. Ji simplifies all aspects of property ownership. Whenever there is a problem he brings a solution. He is the most approachable and communicative property manager we have ever dealt with. It’s a pleasure having him look after our investments.”

Laure and Peter- Landlords Geelong

“An absolutely fabulous experience, from the moment we met Ji to the day we moved in and beyond the experience has been exceptional. This was a welcome and refreshing experience as our previous property managers were not engaged, were never timely and certainly did not provide the level care and dedication that Ji and Property Owners provide to us.
To anyone seeking advise, these guys will look after you well and your property. Very thankful to have found you Ji!
Again, many thanks for everything! Signing off, happy tenants of Property Owners.”

Ben- Tenant Geelong

“Ji has looked after us for quite a few years and I found his quality of job and professionalism beyond exceptional. Our tenants have also been very happy and comfortable working with him which is very important to us. I highly recommend Ji to both to Property Owners and tenants who are looking for the best Agent in the town. Thanks heaps Ji.”

Behdin- Landlord Williamstown

“Throughout our entire renting history, Ji has always lent a helping hand and understood living from a renters perspective, Thankyou Ji and the team at Property Owners for all the hard work!”

Tom- Tenant Geelong

“I am very satisfied with Ji and PropertyOwners. He provides a very professional service looking after the rentals.
Never had a problem with him. Have recommended Ji to several people with rental properties.
I have dealt with many property managers over the years and I have found Ji to be meticulous with his inspections and I know I can sleep well at night knowing he and his team are looking after everything. A very experienced team at Property Owners and Ji especially.”

Liz- Landlord Newtown

“My husband and I were only just last week chatting about how Ji is the best property manager we’ve had. His pragmatic approach and attention to detail has made our life so easy.”

Leigh & Cameron – Landlords of multiple properties

“My latest agent, Ji Thornhill, has been a great help and successfully rented both my properties in very little time. Looking forward to seeing what magic can be done with my next property which just settled and shortly to be leased … definitely no negative feedback on my end and thank you all for making my life easy in the rental market.”

Michael – Landlord Geelong

“Happy to report that Ji Thornhill has been providing fabulous service. When necessary, he has always kept me fully and promptly up to date and recently secured a fabulous new tenant (and an additional $10/week rent, which was totally unexpected, but very much appreciated!). Ji is also very pleasant and easy to deal with.”

Michael – Landlord Geelong

“I was very pleased with Property Owners. Ji and Hannah were able to help me find a beautiful home to rent in less than a week. They were extremely responsive to all of my questions and helped me feel well informed throughout both the inspection and application process. I will definitely recommend PropertyOwners!”

Himanshu- Tenant Geelong

“We have only been with Ji for 8 months. We are very happy with the service Ji and his staff have provided. They’re always friendly and we think that they have our best interest in mind.”

Pat and Elaine – Landlords Geelong

“Congratulations to you and your team, Ji. Well done. Your contribution to my renting the unit in Herne Hill was significant, when I compared you with some of the representatives of large estate agents in Geelong that Lou dealt with in her search for a rental house who left a lot to be desired.”

Anne- Tenant Herne Hill