Local Property Market faring well during Pandemic.

What a year it has been so far..

At the behest of the pandemic, so many individuals, businesses and industries have been hugely impacted, but thankfully down here on the coast the property market has fared very well. #thankgod

Down here, we have always been a popular destination for those who work in Melbourne, for those who are looking to make a sea change and instead commute down the highway to work. However, this year has brought to light a multitude of factors that make living on the coast all the more desirable and achievable for those from the City.

Firstly, due to necessity, many businesses have been forced to explore working from home this year. In doing so, many businesses have realised how achievable and advantageous the arrangement can be. Employers have realised how much can be done remotely; reducing overheads and travel time and fast-tracking processes that would otherwise have been more time consuming, in-person transactions. Because of this, a huge number of employers are expressing the desire to maintain this dynamic post-pandemic.

Other than the obvious perk of being able to work in your pyjamas, this arrangement also frees up the employee’s living arrangements, as they are no longer tied down to living near their place of work. On top of this, working from home also opens up time that would have otherwise been spent commuting, allowing for a greater work-life balance. #bigwin

This year has brought to light a multitude of factors that make living on the coast all the more desirable and achievable for those from the City.

Which leads into the second factor that is making our lovely region so desirable.

With everyone in Melbourne being locked down in small apartments and town houses, we have had an absolute influx of people (particularly those with kids), expressing their desire to shift down to our regional towns post-lockdown. Not only can their dollar get a larger house and a bigger yard down here. But, access to our beautiful beaches, walking trails and the comfort that comes from being a part of a smaller local community is considered priceless at this time.

This time has put into perspective what is really important for many people. For the most part, it seems like the matters of most importance are to spend more time with those we love and to prioritise good mental health. The sort of balanced lifestyle that we, down here on the Coast, are known for. Which is why enquiries continue to roll in and vacancy periods are relatively non-existent at the moment, the lifestyle down here is very in demand.

So, if you have an investment property and are wondering how to navigate through the craziness of this pandemic, feel free to get in touch. We can help to guide you through and set you up to get the very best result for your property. (03) 5223 1657

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