Whatever your situation and needs, we’re here with a flexible service to suit you.

Traditionally Property Management has been offered as a full service, fixed package; oftentimes including services that you don’t necessarily use.

We offer customisable ongoing management packages, as well as a fee-for service menu. This enables you to decide exactly how involved you would like us to be and ensures that you’re only paying for service that you 100% need.

All of our services are charged at a flat rate. This means that (unlike percentage based fees) we do not charge you more for having a more valuable property, our rates do not rise as you increase your rent, and you know exactly what is coming out of your bank every month. Simple.

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Geelong’s only Flat Rate & Fee-for-Service Property Management agency.

We enable you to hand-pick the inclusions in your ongoing management package, ensuring that you’re not paying for services that you never use.

We also offer a fee-for-service menu. This menu enables you to engage us for ad-hoc job, with no ongoing commitment. Our fee-for-service options are particularly useful for those that are happy self-managing, but require the odd helping hand without any ongoing management.