An open letter to our Landlords and Tenants.

What a year it has been.

2020 has been a year full of challenges and unknowns, but we’ve all heard more than enough about the difficulties that this year has presented.

We were lucky enough to witness the more generous, caring and selfless side of humanity this year and we think that is worth talking about!

This year has been difficult on both tenants and landlords alike, some of whom lost their jobs and were faced with the stress of wondering whether they will be able to pay the mortgage or their rent. A pandemic like this could have been a recipe for distress and conflict between landlords and tenants, but it couldn’t have been a more opposite experience.

For this we want to say a huge thank you and to say what an absolute pleasure it has been working with our wonderful landlords and tenants this year. Together we were able to create an environment of security and compassion, in an uncertain and frightening time for many.

Everyone’s willingness to work together, to come up with solutions that relieved pressure for all parties, was humbling. We can proudly say that not one member of our amazing community refused to step-up and work together with us during this time, it was a true display of human compassion.

So, thank you, what a wonderful community we have fostered and because of your attitude this year we will head into 2021 with strong relationships between all parties and a sense of having helped each other through a huge worldwide event.

We hope that everyone has a very happy and safe holiday break and we look forward to charging into 2021 refreshed and ready for a wonderful year ahead.

Warmest wishes,

Ji and Hannah.

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