Stop what you’re doing! This small detail could save you big in maintenance costs.

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The sun is here, it’s heating up, pet owners are checking the weather daily.

Now seems like a great time to put out a helpful PSA about something that causes damage to houses all across the country, every summer. Evaporative cooling. 

Don’t get us wrong, when used correctly, evaporative cooling is an efficient, cost-effective and eco-friendly cooling solution, but so many people are using it incorrectly.

If you want to fast track your property to a state of decay- complete with bad smells, mould and peeling paint- then by all means, you do you. But if you have evaporative cooling and would like to maintain a nice home, read on.

Unlike regular cooling, which dries out the air in your house, evaporative cooling actually puts more moisture into the air, which makes for a fresher and healthier environment in your home. However, the mistake that many make, is closing the windows.

We get it, it seems counter-intuitive. With traditional aircon, closing the windows is definitely the way to go, to keep all of that manufactured cool air inside your home. However, evaporative cooling works differently. It takes warm air from outside, cools it down using water and then pushes the fresh air through your home and back out of the windows; keeping a cycle of cool air entering and hot air exiting the house. Without the open window, the moisture that is brought into the home has nowhere to exit, so it clings to the walls and starts to rot you home, yuck!

“So many people are using it incorrectly!”

Each system requires a different amount of open window space, depending on the cooling capacity of your system. Refer to your system manual to find the right balance, for a cool and healthy home.

Over the years we have seen the damage caused to homes, by people who misunderstood how to properly use evaporative cooling. So, if your investment property has this type of cooling it is hugely important that that you (or your property manager) communicate to the tenant how to effectively use the system; to avoid large maintenance bills down the track.

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2 comments on “Stop what you’re doing! This small detail could save you big in maintenance costs.

  1. Robyn Carew on

    Hi Ji and Hannah,
    Thanks for the information.
    I have Evaporative cooling in my Rental- 91 Wurrook Circuit and on hot days, I definitely leave as many windows open, as I can, with fly wire screen on…and it work well.

    Cheers Robyn

    • Property Owners on

      Hi Robyn,
      Yes, you do! It is a popular cooling choice in Wurrook Circuit, which is why it’s always important to make sure that we let our new tenants know how to get the most of out of an evaporative cooling system.
      So glad it works well for you!
      Speak soon,


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