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Did you know?

Up until now, landlords have had to pay for services that they may never use, all bundled into a “standard management package”. We’re here to shake this up and provide you with far more flexibility.
We enable you to hand-pick from our services, providing you with the freedom to engage us as much (or as little) as you need. This ensures that you are never paying for a service that you don’t 100% need.
We’ve also gone one step further and made everything a flat fee. A simple menu of fixed price services which, unlike percentage based fees, will not rise as your rent increases.

We’re here to make your experience as a landlord simple and more affordable.

What we offer

Flat rate property management

Unlike percentage based management, we do not charge you more for having a more valuable property, our rates do not rise as you increase your rent, and you know exactly what is coming out of your bank every month. Simple.

We have ongoing management packages, as well as a fee-for-service menu; allowing you to engage our services as much (or as little) as you need them. This ensures that you never spend a penny more than you should.

Let our experienced team select the right package for you and have more money in your pocket for the fun things in life; like a $30 pie and coke at the footy, or that bucket list climb up Mount Everest.

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  • “Ji has been so amazing dealing with the ongoing garage issue, due to an accident. He is an asset not only to Landlords and Tenants, but to our society. He's a good person, who is professional, knows how to manage issues, and is lovely to deal with.”

    Alira – Tenant Herne Hill
  • “I’ve been dealing with Ji to help lease out my girlfriend’s apartment in Geelong. I knew he would be great to deal with but he has gone above and beyond what I thought he would do to get the property leased so quickly. He really is an asset to the business … I can say he is the best property manager I have come across.”

    Isaac – Apartment Geelong CBD
  • “Ji is looking after our property at the moment, and he’s efficient and easy to deal with (thank you Ji!!). We always feel like we’re being kept up to date in a timely manner and it’s great to know I can jump on the portal and check information at any time.”

    Karen – Landlord Geelong
  • “We would like to take this opportunity to thank Ji for looking after our property so well, we have been really happy with all the work he’s done for us.”

    Carol and Ray – Geelong Landlord
  • “My husband and I were only just last week chatting about how Ji is the best property manager we’ve had. His pragmatic approach and attention to detail has made our life so easy.”

    Leigh & Cameron – Landlords of multiple properties
  • “Ji has given us immediate responses to queries, excellent advice and has always tried to get quotes within our budget…”

    Carlene and Roger – Landlords of multiple properties
  • “Thanks Ji … Thanks for your continual support over the years. We couldn’t be happier with your assistance.”

    Michael– Landlord Geelong West
  • “Thank you for everything and being so kind and lovely to my mum. She speaks very highly of you.”

    Cassidy – Tenant Bellarine Peninsula
  • “Thanks for all your terrific work Ji - really appreciate the effort and professionalism - glad we have you in our corner.”

    Steve – Commercial Landlord Bellarine Peninsula
  • “This is the first time we have rented as we own our own home in Melbourne … In all my years, I have never met a man more professional and committed to both landlord and tenant as Ji … We will be looking to rent for some time but I’m also looking to purchase some investment properties in and around Geelong and will have no hesitation making your agency the property managers.”

    Chris – Tenant Geelong
  • “Thanks Ji … I would never have made it through without all your help and assistance.”

    Jeff – Landlord of Multiple Properties
  • “Thanks Ji. That's why we recommended you. We trust you”

    Liz – Landlord Multiple Properties
  • “Thanks again for all your help while I've been renting. You have been really responsive and I've appreciated all that you've done to make my stay in Australia that much better.”

    Allison – Tenant Geelong
  • “Well done Ji. I believed in you and knew you could achieve the high price. You should feel good about this one! Great work!”

    Isobel – Landlord Geelong
  • “Thanks for your regular updates, we have been very happy with the manner you are handling our investment/property.”

    Joy & Graeme – Landlords Geelong
  • “I would especially like to highlight Ji Thornhill - his service has been nothing short of exceptional since coming on board. Ji's rational, measured approach and ability to interpret tenant requests with an open mind is very much appreciated. He is also very quick to respond to queries.”

    Paul – Landlord Geelong
  • “We're loving the work that Ji has been doing for us. Nothing seems an imposition to him and he's always so cheery.”

    Michelle – Landlord Ocean Grove
  • “We would have no hesitation in using your services again if the time comes that we have another investment property.”

    James Nelson and Emma Webb
  • “I didn't want to miss the chance of showing our appreciation of such a wonderful service that you provide Ji. This year hasn't been a cruisy year with this house for both of us. A few things broke down and needed to be followed up and get fixed. But my wife and I had always the peace of mind that our property is in good hands … and you Ji are a brilliant and a very diligent agent.”

    Behdin – Landlord Toorak
  • “Joel and I were saying last night how happy and impressed we are with the service you are providing us... thanks so much, we really appreciate it”

    Beth and Joel – Landlords Grovedale
  • “Thank you for being incredible property managers while we were renting. Our experience as tenants was a great one and we have already been quite vocal in our praises.”

    Anthea – Tenant Belmont
  • “Good work Ji! Thanks again for being efficient and a pleasure to work with – it is really appreciated.”

    Ann – Landlord Geelong West
  • “Ji has been amazing. His customer service is second to none and I have never had such wonderful service as his, and his response rate to issues is wonderful … I have other friends who also have him managing their properties and are extremely impressed with this young man.”

    Cherie – Landlord of multiple properties
  • “Ji Thornhill has been fantastic in looking after the situation that we faced with the recent departure of tenants. The timing was unfortunate as we were out of the country shortly after the tenant vacated, and Ji was great in communicating with us via email to keep us up to date. He carried out two inspections for us, and liaised with the tenant so that the property was in a suitable condition prior to the bond being returned.”

    Lisa – Landlord Belmont
  • “Ji was very accessible and efficient, and secured tenants within days.”

    Brad – Landlord Apartment Geelong
  • “My latest agent, Ji Thornhill, has been a great help and successfully rented both my properties in very little time. Looking forward to seeing what magic can be done with my next property which just settled and shortly to be leased … definitely no negative feedback on my end and thank you all for making my life easy in the rental market.”

    Michael - Landlord Geelong
  • “Happy to report that Ji Thornhill has been providing fabulous service. When necessary, he has always kept me fully and promptly up to date and recently secured a fabulous new tenant (and an additional $10/week rent, which was totally unexpected, but very much appreciated!). Ji is also very pleasant and easy to deal with.”

    Michael – Landlord Geelong
  • “I would like to say again how brilliant Ji Thornhill is. His considered, sensible & helpful approach makes being a landlord a pleasant experience. We have a few properties managed through other Agents (interstate) and needless to say, if we could clone Ji life would be so much easier.”

    Leigh – Landlord Highton
  • “We have only been with Ji for 8 months. We are very happy with the service Ji and his staff have provided. They’re always friendly and we think that they have our best interest in mind.”

    Pat and Elaine – Landlords Geelong